Strength and Length: Standing Poses

Over years the wear and tear on the body—normal aging along with biases through injury—makes us less eager to fully engage with and feel the body. In reality the mind and body cannot be separated, so cutting off the intelligence of the body renders us informationally starved.

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Health and Wellness: Moving past hype

The hype of modern medicine is largely encountered in the newspapers for most of us. The disconnect is in the level of care we receive, especially in this day and age when many have no regular doctor, one who knows us. The wise patient knows that no one could care about their health as much as they do.

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Emily Johnson
To begin change, watch cycles

So whether you are a resolutionist, or scoff at such notions, there is precedent for paying attention to at the timing of your changes. The new year is one time to reflect—the winter solstice. The new moon of each month also brings an opportunity to again start fresh, to come up with and carry out plans, to adapt, to review, and to recuperate between active times.

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