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Yoga is...

a physical practice of routine movements of the body with proper alignment.

It's a systematic practice that uses skeletal alignment and muscular work to tone and regulate the systems of the body and develop power of mind. 

Yoga brings the body and mind together into the present moment, from the past and future, respectively (to paraphrase Iyengar).

Come explore the basics of Hatha Yoga with me. Look around the site and contact me for individual and group instruction.

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gone to extremes for a killer bod?

Exercise should be a healthy activity, not a bloodsport. Yoga works. Learn how to locate stress and tension in the body through breath awareness. Target weak muscles for development and overused muscles for relaxation. Build strength and flexibility. Steadily improve the mind’s ability to focus with a relaxed awareness, leading to pleasure and innate joy.






Lots of really effective people meditate, and count it as integral in their success. Innovative ideas, whole-brain thinking, ability to focus and draw out conclusions mindfully, are hallmarks of yoga and meditation practice.

Give your colleagues a perk that is healthy, team-building, and personally gratifying.


Do you work or live in a building with a fitness center? 

I offer 1-1.5 hour yoga classes to small groups on a personalized basis. Contact for pricing and scheduling below.

I also offer regular classes at various locations around Chicago. To find out about classes as they come up, sign up for our email below.

Info and resources

An educated teacher is a good teacher. I try to keep up on the latest discoveries and findings in the yoga and meditation world. 

I also love sharing knowledge, so I write about and publicize some great resources here and in my newsletter. Explore the site for more about yoga research and deeper explorations into the practices involved here. 





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Learn the basics or go deeper into your understanding of yoga and the body with weekly practices.


& health

Yoga starts a journey that includes more awareness of the environment around us and our relationships within it. With small steps we can each achieve remarkable growth in our health and well-being.



Yoga’s always good—in a chair, on the floor, the gentlest pose gives as much as the most rigorous. After a fairly slow class, I was surprised at how achy I was the next day!
— Joan, Chicago

The work in the belly and pelvis area become clearer to me—this is amazing. I can’t remember the last time I was so felt so strong—I’m feeling a lot of movement and strength coming back.
— Joe, Chicago, Core Workshop

Nice pacing, intelligent sequences, no crazy unrealistic 100 vinyasas at 6 am stuff. A practical approach that leaves lots of space for creativity.
— Rachel, Colorado

My neck is painless for the first time in years.
— Bob, Chicago

I wasn’t sure about yoga because of my weight, and also when I tried, it would bring up a lot of emotional stuff for me. Emily’s teaching style helps me focus on stuff I can actually affect in the body, to relieve anxiety, and how to work with the emotional effects of yoga by closely monitoring my body’s response to my physical efforts.
— JC, California