Yoga at Work

Why Yoga?

Many companies are seeing the all-around value in offering a healthy perk to their employees that they might already seek out elsewhere. The convenience of having a yoga class at work helps people actually go.

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Yoga helps businesses…

• Reduce doctor visits and truancy. After one year of mind-body practices, medical visits decrease by an average of 43%*.

• Increase employee effectiveness—instilling movement practices throughout the day helps workers focus and concentrate more easily.

• Increase overall productivity (and decrease dissatisfaction) by offering a genuine perk and “give permission” to take short, meaningful breaks.

• Foster a culture of cooperation and self-awareness. 

Yoga helps people...

• Feel their best, reversing the effects of sitting for long periods.

• Cure the hunch, specifically, and…

• Improve postural integrity generally, unlocking energy.

• Feel mindful and joyfully connected.

• Find the benefits of self-care and checking in.

Why Bija Works?

Bija Works has over five years of experience and has taught hundreds of beginning yogis, young and old, healthy and those moving in a healthy direction.

Our consistently supportive guidance and fidelity to postural alignment (in the Iyengar tradition) inspires confidence in our students, and supports them as they begin to have greater authority over their health and well-being.

What do you teach?

Bija Works offers sound physical awareness training, consisting of gentle yoga moves and breathing techniques, fostering a strong mind-body connection while taking the body through its natural range of motion in a pleasurable way. (And no shower necessary afterwards).

Yoga and meditation don't take a long time; with training, even a few minutes of movement and centering can help reverse the devastating effects of sitting at a computer all day, specifically, the hunchback, AKA shopping-cart syndrome. For those in more active jobs, yoga can help students learn to squat, lift, turn, and carry in ways that best utilize the body’s power and avoid taxing repetitive strains (joints, lower back).

With guidance students learn to move in a safe and healthful manner, and to feel aftereffects of serenity and well-being. When people experience these on a regular basis, good new habits naturally ingrain themselves.

Should I charge my employees?

We have found it’s better to offer this as a genuine perk (free of charge), to encourage attendance, and not to “nickle-and-dime” your employees.

How does it work?

We offer weekly yoga classes (and video mini-breaks) at workplaces and multi-use spaces, including offices, co-working and co-living spaces, galleries, breweries, factories, schools, museums, police stations, wellness centers, and anywhere else we can fit a mat.

To schedule a free intro session, call or email:

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Bija Works has over five years of experience and has taught hundreds of beginning yogis.
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