Yoga (to yoke or join together) is principally for greater integration of mind and body to unlock natural healing processes.

Happiness generally results....


Yoga in multi-use spaces allows for small group, semi-private, affordable yoga instruction in the neighborhood. Hosted by
Oliva Gallery and Temple of Kriya Yoga / Logan Square, Chicago Il. 
Sometimes at Coyote Ridge Books / Westminster Colorado.

Sundays, 2 pm, at Oliva Gallery 60647 (Armitage at Avers)

M-W evenings 4–8 pm @ Kriya Yoga Studio (Kedzie at Fullerton)

Privates available upon request. If there's a good reason for needing a private class and you don't think you can afford it, talk to me. 


About Bija Works

Hi! I'm Emily. (no fancy Sanskrit name as yet!) I started teaching in 2012, after practicing yoga and meditation on and off for many years. As most teachers will tell you, teacher training is a step many take once they experience yoga's amazing results, and want to better understand them.

I'd been practicing for many years—was in fact not a particularly physical person—before I became a yoga practitioner and then teacher. My background makes me very motivated to pass on yoga knowledge to those who might not think it's for them.

To Teach

Hatha Yoga: 300+ hours training as a Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher Certification: 200-hour levelKriya Temple of Yoga, Chicago.

I teach, and I occasionally bring in other kick-ass teachers and specialists to add depth to our knowledge of the body.

Those thinking about teacher training themselves will also benefit from the community we're gathering here in Logan Square to support both young and old, full and no-time, new and not-so-new teaching yogis. 


Yoga is a part of some process, that includes and spreads out into not only our health (a state of active) health of our surrounding environment and people, the integrity of relationships.

Bija is Sanskrit for seed

Bija Works encompasses all this other stuff by design, integrating healthful practices into all aspects of life through education and outreach to like-minded organizations.

We've worked with various clients and studios in Chicago and beyond, with long-term relationships teaching for Triton College, Temple of Kriya Yoga, and The Clare Retirement Center. 

We love the challenge of getting people to try yoga, and offer a practical and safe approach to yoga for those who may hesitate because of body issues, past injury, or age. A big part of the teaching is helping you safely work with your edges as you begin a movement practice.

Even for those of us with such challenges (or just shyness), intelligent movement helps empower us at every level and soften blockages. 

Contact me below to set up a time to talk about how yoga can help you. 


What interests you about yoga? Flexibility, de-stressing, something else?

What is your physical condition, and do you have underlying pains or injuries?

Have you been to a class, online or in person? If not, would you be interested in practicing introductory hatha yoga with a small group?

Have you tried meditation on your own or with others? 

It's important to have a community, to ask and answer questions and share resources. 

If you have any answers, contact us here: 


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